Visualize your AWS Data Architecture

From EC2 to Redshift, RDS to DynamoDB and more

Use our dashboard to increase your data team's developer productivity

We know that leveraging AWS Big Data resources to meet your business goals can be a challenge. That is why we have built out a dashboard to enable you to keep track of and audit all of the AWS data-related resources you have in the cloud. Our dashboard is specifically made with developers, cloud architects, project managers, and Dev Ops professionals in mind, and includes the following AWS services:

Storage Resources
  • Redshift
  • RDS (including Aurora, MySQL, Postgres, and other databases)
  • DynamoDB
  • S3
  • Glacier
  • Corresponding Regions and Availability Zones
Compute Resources
  • EC2
  • Corresponding Regions and Availability Zones
Real-Time Resources
  • Kinesis Streams
  • Kinesis Firehose
  • Corresponding Regions and Availability Zones
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Why use the Beacon Arch Viewer?

Increase Developer Productivity

View all data-related services in one place. Storage and Real-Time dashboards give you a high-level overview of your AWS Data Architecture.

Real-Time Visibility

Visualize all of your data-related services in the cloud in real time, including dynamically-created and ephemeral resources. Faciliate on-boarding with real-time documentation.

Easy Security and Auditing

View access policies, regions, availability zones, and other security-related data, all in one place. Know who can access your services and where your services are with a single click.

Top-Notch Data Engineering Professionals

Our dashboard is custom-built by industry experts, led by MIT-trained talent. We built out the dashboard using data we ourselves find the most useful for development and consulting engagements.

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